Ezekiel 22:23-31
The Manhunt

The Manhunt

Ezekiel deals with the national decline in Israel. They claimed to follow God but had strayed far from the standard God had set for them. When the sin of a people reaches a certain point, God removes His hand of protection, and the nation begins to turn on itself and die. 

(Ezekiel 22:23-25) In Ezekiel, the prophets in Israel had become compromised. They were "taking the precious things," robbing the people of the treasure of God that should have been available for that generation. They were "Making her many widows" in that families were being torn apart; the backbone of the nation was being broken. 

(Ezekiel 22:26-28) The line had been blurred between what was of God and what was not. The prophets told people whatever they wanted to hear so they could retain their powerful status in society. They didn’t care whether what they spoke was true and cried to the people, "Thus saith the Lord God," when the Lord had not spoken.

(Ezekiel 22:29) Israel is on the brink of God’s judgment. Society has broken down. They’re in social, spiritual, and moral decline now. You would think we as a nation would learn from the past. We have cast off restraint; evil is good, and good is evil. We’ve used oppression and robbery. We’re destroying the family, and when the family is gone, society unravels.


I.    The Merciful Manhunt:

a.    (Ezekiel 22:30-31) God went on a manhunt throughout the nation, looking for one person to stand in the gap – to stand between the nation and God's removing His hand, which would ultimately allow society to follow the course of its own destruction. That’s the mercy of God! But sadly, God couldn’t find anyone. Like today, there were people trying to live upright, moral lives. Could God not find anyone not because the people weren’t religious but because nobody believed He would be merciful?


II.    A Turning Point:

a.    The good news is that throughout history, this is when somebody suddenly becomes aware of God's willingness to restore and heal. In the midst of our poverty, they understand His will to release His riches one more time. They see His desire to receive us, not in our strength, but in our weakness. A turning point happens when someone starts to hear God say, "Despite the wickedness, false prophets, and oppression, I am still willing, again, to be merciful." God calls out to those He wants to use for His glory. 


III.    Come Out of Hiding:

a.    God is looking for in our generation of Godly men! It’s time for all Godly men, grandfathers, fathers, and sons to come out of hiding and step out in faith one more time as our elders did (Hebrews 11:1-3, 6). Faith says the Word of God is all I need. Faith means we look away from “self” and every condemning voice.


IV.    Who Will Go?:

a.    "I sought for a man," the Lord said. (Isaiah 6:8) That same call of God is resounding once again in the ears of Godly men and women this hour. God is not looking for our resources or our strength. He is looking for the heart that simply says, "Lord, here am I; take me! I have nothing to offer, but if You are making this treasure available, if there is an opportunity for me to know Your power and mercy for the sake of others, THE MANHUNT IS OVER! Here am I!" While most people are declaring God’s judgment, God is declaring an opportunity for an incredible season of mercy. That is the manhunt!